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This section is intended to be a place to archive stories of experiencing Happy's music performed live; special trips to see other ectophilic musical events; and ectogathers.

This section is still under construction; e-mail Meredith Tarr with suggestions or contributions.  Thanks!

Happy Rhodes At The Middle East, Philadelphia, PA: January 1995

Happy playing guitar  On January 5 and 6, 1995, Happy performed two shows at the Middle East club in Philadelphia, PA.  The shows were videotaped for later broadcast on the local cable channel PRISM in the Philly area, an event which proved to win Happy a whole new fan base.

At these shows Happy also communicated with her Internet fan base real-time, stopping between (or even during) songs to contribute tidbits to an Internet Relay Chat which was going on simultaneous to the show, via a computer terminal set up at the corner of the stage.  The complete logs of both IRC sessions are here:  January 5 and January 6.

Ectogather in Wuppertal, Germany: July 1995

On July 30, 1995 a bunch of ectophiles got together at the home of Klaus Kluge.  These sketches ensued.

Ecto Photo Album: 1996

These pictures were taken by various ectophiles over the course of Happy's live shows in 1996: at the Tinker St. Cafe in Woodstock, NY, The Bottom Line in New York City, and the Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA.

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