This home page was originally designed by Neil K. Guy, tela design.  As of July 1998, it is maintained by Meredith Tarr, with assistance from woj. Jeff Wasilko has graciously provided the server space at

The FAQs were written by Vickie Mapes and Alan Ezust, the album conversions were done by Neil K. Guy, Jeff Wasilko, Martin Bridges, Don Gibson and Roger Dominick and the home page URLs were supplied by Don Gibson, Alex Gibbs and David Manuel Martins de Matos. The Ecto FAQ is maintained by Vickie Mapes.  The archives at smoe are maintained by woj, who is also the current keeper of the list.

Vickie Mapes graciously prepared the lyrics pages for The Keep and Many Worlds Are Born Tonight, and did invaluable work in cleaning up the lyrics pages for all the other albums and adding the credits info for each.

Damon Harper and Charley Darbo contributed to the various definitions of ectophilic terms contained within these pages.

Thanks to Jessica Koppel and Greg Bossert, without whom ecto would not be what it is today.  :)  And of course thanks to Happy Rhodes for being the inspiration behind it all.

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